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Ningbo Zhenhai Dingli Fastener Screw Co., Ltd.


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Ningbo Zhenhai Dingli Fastener Screw Co., Ltd. is specilized in high strength Tap end stud, thread rod, thread stud, stud bolt, Tap end stud, Double end stud, heavy hex bolt, structural bolt, hex bolt, set screw, hex nut, and washer, which are extensive used in oil&gas industry, petrochemical industry, power station, steelwork construction and electric&machinery industry.


Our products cover the material grade A193 B7 thread rod, A193 B7 threaded rod, B7 thread rod, B7 threaded rod, B7 stud, B7 stud bolt, B7 thread stud, B7 tap end stud, A193 B7 tap end stud, B7 double end stud, A193 B7 stud bolt, A193 B7 bolt, A193 B7 stud, A193 B7 thread stud, B7 bolt, A193 B7 hex bolt, B7 hex bolt, B7 heavy hex bolt, A193 B7M thread rod, B7M thread rod, A193 B7M threaded rod, B7M threaded rod, A193 B7M stud, B7M stud, A193 B7M stud bolt, B7M stud bolt, A193 B7M thread stud, B7M thread stud, A193 B8 thread rod, B8 thread rod, B8 threaded rod, A193 B8 stud bolt, B8 stud bolt, B8 thread stud, B8 bolt, B8 hex bolt, B8 heavy hex bolt, B8 class1 thread rod, B8 class1 stud bolt, B8 class2 thread rod, B8 class2 stud bolt, B8M threaded rod, B8M thread rod, B8M thread stud, B8M stud, B8M stud bolt, B8M bolt, B8M hex bolt, B8M heavy hex bolt, A320 L7 thread rod, L7 thread rod, A320 L7 threaded rod, L7 threaded rod, A320 L7 thread stud, L7 thread stud, A320 L7 tap end stud, L7 tap end stud, L7 double end stud, L7 stud, A320 L7 stud bolt, L7 stud bolt, L7 thread rod, L7M stud bolt, B16 thread rod, B16 threaded rod, B16 stud, B16 stud bolt, A325 bolt, A325 hex bolt, A325 heavy hex bolt, A325 structural bolt, A490 bolt, A490 hex bolt, A490 heavy hex bolt, A490 structural bolt, A354 bolt, A354 hex bolt, A449 bolt, A449 hex bolt, A307 bolt, A307 hex bolt, A307 A hex bolt, A307 B hex bolt, J429 bolt, J429 hex bolt, 2H nut, 2H hex nut, A563 Nut, A563 DH nut, A563 DH hex nut, F436 washer, F436 flat washer, F436 hardened washer, F844 washer, F884 flat washer, F880 screw, F880 set screw, F880 grub screw, F912 screw, F912 set screw.


We have advantage both on the quality and price of these products, which are well sold in North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, andSouth Africa.


All our staff is looking forward to your kindly enquiry and comment. Sincerely hope to build business relation with you in the future.

Company Information

  • Company Name: Ningbo Zhenhai Dingli Fastener Screw Co., Ltd.
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • My Core Product Categories: High strength Cap screws & Hex bolts; Construction fastener; Petrochemical industry fastener; Double ended studs; High strength studs and rods; 
  • Core Products Description: High strength Cap screws & Hex bolts; Construction fastener; Petrochemical industry fastener; Double ended studs; High strength studs and rods;  etc.
  • Standard list: IFI-136 2002; IFI-136 2002; ASME DRAFT Revision B18.2.6 2003; ASTM A325 2002; ASME B18.2.1 1996; DIN 6914; ASME B18.3 2002; ASME DRAFT Revision B18.2.6 2003; IFI-136 2002; ASME B18.2.1 1996; ASME B18.2.1 1996; ASME B18.2.1 1996; IFI-115 2002; DIN 2510-5; DIN 6915; DIN 6923; DIN 934; DIN 912; DIN EN ISO 4017; DIN 931-1; 
  • Year Established: 1998
  • Annual Sales Volume: USD 5,000,001~10,000,000
  • Current Export Markets: North America; South America; Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Eastern Asia; Southeast Asia; Mid East; Africa; Oceania; Worldwide; 
  • Export Percentage:70

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  • Experienced in fastener industry
  • Focusing on fastener market
  • With high quality products
  • Trust worthiness and reputation
  • Having strong export team
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